Creating large and long lasting impressions on the consumer

Brand Activiation

People don’t give a damn about the majority of todays advertising and marketing. Reason? Because it’s generic, it’s not personal and it’s simply too easy. The immersion and honesty is missing, and people see right through it.

We help to enable products and brands in the target group. It’s all about creating large and long lasting impressions on the consumer. We do it by using involvement in the physical encounter with the product. That is what ultimately strengthen the consumer relationship to your particular product or brand. We implement your KPIs in the campaign and help to create professional content that can live before, during and after your event.


The Team

Team Member

Adrian Fey

Creative Director & Partner

Adrian is the Culture Works captain of concept creation. Even though he spends a lot of time in his small allotment, he is a heavy user of the cultural environment and widely recognized in Aarhus for his commitment to develop the cultural scene in the city.

Team Member

Mads Severinsen

Head of Communications

Mads is all about language, words, concepts and communications. During the years he’s wrote +100 articles for nation wide media channels as well as developing unique concepts for major brands. Now he’s doing awesome stuff under the Culture Works badge.