It’s not just an event, it’s a wow experience

Event Design

Event Design is Culture Works’ original core product and we can assure you, that it’s still one of our most central services. We specialize in festivals, fashion shows, trade fairs, conferences and employee events.

Our experience as an event planner and designer is wide and varied, and we do not say no to a challenge. We love to approach things creatively and solve tasks with an innovative mind-set. So instead of taking up your precious time, we would rather throw the ball over in your court. What would you like to create with us?


The Team

Team Member

Martin Rhode

Managing Director & Partner

Maybe you’ve seen Martin at parties in Aarhus and Copenhagen DJing until the whole dance floor goes mental. He still does that occasionally, but spends most his time managing Culture Works and create beautiful, innovative event designs.

Team Member

Andreas Nielsen

Head of Event Design

Andreas uses his education as an engineer to build everything from music stages and catwalks to bars and cozy hangout areas for our events. In addition to that he’s a great planner. Like Martin he loves DJing in front of a dancing crowd.